First BEAT81 workout

BEAT81 x eGym Wellpass

Starting out with us is easier than you think.
You've already made the first step.

Download the BEAT81 App

Search for "BEAT81" in the App Store for iOS or the Google Play for Android or scan the QR code below.
App download QR code
App store download page

Enter your Wellpass TAN during signup

Select eGym Wellpass during your signup and provide the TAN from your eGym Wellpass account when asked. After you confirm you are ready to book. Where can I find the verification TAN in the eGym Wellpass app?

Find and book
a class

Follow the simple onboarding process, filter for your preferences and book your favourite workout. It takes less than 2 minutes. Our app will provide you with all the info you need and even allow you to chat with your coach before your first class.
BEAT81 app book a class
Take yourself higher

Join at any fitness level

All our workouts are designed for you to become better than yesterday. We bring people together to be proud of their individual progress and support each other as a team. We put results before ego. So if you have been working out alone, you’re missing out on one thing we’ve got lots of. True team spirit.

Get ready for your first workout

Enter your health stats after booking
To calculate your max. heart rate and track your progress, we need your age, height and weight.
Arrive about 15 min before your first class
Your coach will take time to give you an intro and provide you with your individual sensor.
Need help? Chat with your coach in our app
Once you’ve booked a workout, you can update your coach on injuries you might have or get more details about the program.
Remember you water bottle!

All you need for every workout

1 or 2 towels
to wipe off that sweat
Comfy trainers and active wear
that allow you to breathe
A bottle of water
to stay hydrated
BEAT81 workout
Share your stats

See and feel results faster

Knowing exactly how your heart responds as you work out allows you to find your most effective training zone and achieve greater results. Before your first workout, don’t forget to enter your body stats in your profile and your sensor will be ready on location.

Where can I find my Verification TAN in the eGym Wellpass app?

From the main screen of the Wellpass app navigate to your profile. Click on the option "Verification TAN" to open the corresponding screen. Next, click the little "copy" icon next to the word "Verifizierungs-TAN" to copy the number. Switch back to the BEAT81 signup flow and paste the number into the corresponding field. Done!
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