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Heart Rate
All our workouts are designed for you to train above 81% of your max. heart rate.
When you beat 81%, your body burns calories and fat to the max. Plus you build strong lean muscle.
Spending more than 15 min. above 81% unlocks the afterburn effect: You burn free extra calories!
Heart Rate Technology

See your progress

Our sensors will track your heart rate during workouts. Watch how your heart is responding to every squat, sit-up and sprint on the big screen in real-time. If you see that your heart rate drops, speed up your movements or increase the weight you’re using. Your goal is to stay above 81% of your max. heart rate for as long as possible during rounds and use the breaks to recover.
BEAT81 tech
BEAT81 workout app explained
Motivation in real-time

Get fitter minute after minute

Every minute you beat your personal 81 you earn one GritPoint. Push through the rounds and pocket as many GritPoints as possible. Can you beat your team mates? After our workout, you will receive a detailed report in our app. Track your results, see how many calories you’ve burnt and get ready for your next challenge.
Unlock the afterburn effect

Burn extra calories for free

Our workouts are designed to help you to train at least 15 minutes above 81% of your max. heart rate. That’s when you unlock the afterburn effect or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). You’ll ignite your metabolism and burn up to 15% of additional calories after your workout - relaxing on your couch.
BEAT81 workout results
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