Happiness is active

Happiness. We’re all searching for it. But it’s not something you can simply find and keep. Happiness is a verb. It wants action. It comes through moving, watching, learning, doing. Pushing, striving, trying, failing. It comes through sweat and tears. It comes when you step outside your comfort zone and try something you never thought possible. Because happiness loves growth. And if you do it every day, one day happy becomes a habit. A way of life. Happiness is individual, but it’s fuelled by the group. With a spark of a smile or a flash of eye contact, it spreads like wildfire. Happiness never runs out. It’s an infinite resource. An open road. So just keep moving, keep growing.
Happiness will always follow.

Our Mission

Bring fitness and happiness to everyone's life


A recipe for happiness

It’s easy to start a fitness routine. But how do you keep it going? This is the challenge we all face when it comes to fitness. Our founder Tim recognised this problem and was determined to fix it. Having played badminton at a national level for over 20 years, he had developed powerful methods to maintain his fitness motivation. Keen to share this knowledge, in 2017 he started leading group classes in Weinbergspark, Berlin. They were specially designed to help people repeatedly leave their comfort zone and create a fitness habit. The classes had a surprisingly powerful impact. Participants were not just improving their bodies, but gaining new confidence, goals, and perspectives. With the support of the group, some even made radical life changes! The community wasn’t just getting fitter, it was getting happier. BEAT81 was born.

Our Vision

Be the most caring, supportive and empowering community in people's lives

Be inclusive

BEAT81 is not an exclusive club for the beautiful, the sculpted, or the elite. We believe fitness is accessible to anyone with the right mindset. Nobody is too unfit, too weak, too old or too overweight to develop and grow. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, however you identify, you’re welcome to join our community.
BEAT81 Brand Values Be Inclusive

Commit to growth

There’s no happiness without movement. Satisfaction comes when we develop and grow. Of course, growth doesn’t always feel good. There will be ups and downs, highs and lows. But that’s how long terms happiness is built: by making the simple daily commitment to showing up and moving forward.

Be radically caring

People thrive and grow when they feel good, not when they’re criticised or put under pressure. That’s why radical hospitality is at the heart of what we do. A really great host doesn’t just ask how you are, they take action to make you feel good. They don’t just remember your name, they remember your goals and struggles. They go above and beyond because they genuinely care.

Energize others

There’s a reason we get together to work and play. Group energy is powerful, contagious. It inspires us to do more than we could ever do alone. That’s why we work with people who can ignite the group. We know a positive community is unstoppable, so we do everything we can to nurture and energize it.
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