First Ride45?

Everyone belongs on an indoor bike!
No matter what your fitness level is, you’re in the right place.

What makes BEAT81 special?

Using live heart rate tracking technology, you learn how to pace yourself and push yourself through the intervals of the 45 minute workout. Because of this, our Ride45 workout is perfect for both absolute beginners and seasoned riders alike!

What to expect?

Arrive at least 15 min Early

This will give you enough time to check in, get yourself ready, and let us help you set up your bike. If you’ve never set up an indoor bike before, it might take a few minutes to find your optimal adjustments. Give yourself plenty of time to ensure a comfortable ride.

What to Bring:

Bring a bottle of water (not glass!), active wear you can sweat in (trust us... you’ll be drippin’), And that’s it! Grab a towel and ride shoes from us, and secure your streetwear in the lockers.

B81 Tip!

We provide special ride shoes that connect you to the bike. The first few times clicking your feet in can be tricky, so ask us for help! We’ve all been there.

Ready, Set, GO!

Our ride’s focus is on performance rather than dance, but get ready to lose yourself in the music. The goal of the ride is to raise your heart rate, then bring it back down, while also ensuring good form and a strong core. Pace yourself and listen to your body while your push through sprints, hills, climbs and recovery. Remember, this is YOUR ride.

Heart-rate Tracking

The Sensor

You will find your name on a screen with a sensor number. Using the chest strap, secure the sensor on your skin to measure your electro-heart rate. Skin contact is important, so don’t wear it over your clothes.

The Numbers

During the ride, you will see a big number by your name - this is your total heart rate percentage.

60-70 (light blue) is rest. This is where you should aim to be during recovery.

71-80 (dark blue) is a step beyond rest. Great to be in for warm ups and cool downs.

81-90 (light red) is the sweet spot. Aim to be here during your workout for a good burn.

91-100 (dark red) is when you want to push yourself. Aim to be in this during pushes or if you want to really feel the burn 💪.

B81 Tip!

If this is your first ride, don’t try to push yourself into the red too fast. If you notice you are in the high 90’s at the beginning, try reducing resistance or going a bit slower.

Sweat Points

For every minute you stay in the different zones, you gain points: Light blue: 1 point, dark blue: 2 points, light red: 3 points, dark red: 4 points! For your first few workouts, you don’t need pay attention to these. Points are used by our seasoned riders to track their performance over time.

Recovery Points

At the end of the workout, there will be a one minute recovery phase. This measures how quickly your heart rate goes down. Over time, you will notice your recovery points increasing as your cardiovascular health improves.

Get the BEAT81 App

Even if you booked the workout through one of our partners, you can benefit from using the BEAT81 iOS & android app. Register an account and provide your body measurements to save time at the gym before your first workout.

Why We Need Measurements

In order to calculate your maximum heart rate & other metrics, we need to know your height/weight, age, and birth sex (we know, not very 2024 of us to ask. But rest assured, we know that your gender is not defined by your body parts). Your details will not be shared with the coach or anyone else.

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