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Lead the best HIIT and RIDE workouts

45 minutes
The most time-efficient training. Members burn up to 750 calories in just 45 minutes.
Functional HIIT & RIDE
Functional full-body workout or indoor cycling workouts to improve metabolic rate, strength and endurance.
Our strong community helps members transform their lifestyle physically and mentally.

Work with the best heart rate technology

Why BEAT81?

Our clients have the goal to beat 81% of their maximum heart rate to enter their optimal training zone. Backed by the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), BEAT81 spikes the metabolism and unlocks up to 36 hours of kcal afterburn.

High-paying, high performing coach network

up to


Higher hourly earnings

vs industry average


Coaches in 4 cities

Benefits of working with BEAT81


Develop yourself further

  • Get detailed feedback from members and coaching experts.
  • Get access to your instructor education system via our coach app.
  • Get access to our exercise library and exchange knowledge with other coaches.

Work where and when you want

  • Train from almost any location, like our high-end BEAT81 gyms or parks with the BeatBike.
  • Work as often and whenever you like depending on the city you are in.
  • Travel friendly: work in any city served by BEAT81. We’re growing across Europe!

Get the support you deserve

  • Get the best digital fitness tools in the market
    (Coach & Workout App).
  • Offer your customers a great set of fitness equipment.
  • Receive world-class support in marketing, branding, legal, and tax.
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BEAT81 is in 4
cities and 50+
locations across

Meet our coaches

Meet Marija & Matija

» We started working together in the gym and our chemistry brought us together. We decided to move to Berlin to look for good jobs and found BEAT81. We enjoy it every single day. We love to feel the energy of the people and we love to work together as a team.

Meet Jay

» In my first months, I've coached 90 classes and people have called me crazy but I was just like, I love this. I love the drive, I love the connections that I make with people. And I love to see them all making progress.
Referral Program

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What if I'm stuck in the process?
If you're stuck somewhere in the process, our recruiting team will get in touch with you to offer support. Also feel free to contact with any question you might have.
How many sessions should I give per week?
We recommend at least 5 sessions per week. As you can do double sessions we're talking about 3 availabilities a week. We offer classes from morning 6.30 AM to the evening 9 PM throughout the week, including weekends. If you can't do 5 sessions per week, we appreciate your application anyways - the recruiting team will get in touch with you to understand your situation better and find a solution.
What if BEAT81 is not operating in my city?
We encourage you to apply anyways. We’re expanding rapidly and we are always in search of new and motivated talents to cooperate with. You can reach us via
How long does it take until I am giving my first session?
The average time is between 12 days and 6 weeks. We want you to start working with us as soon as possible!
What type of contract does BEAT81 offer?
You start at BEAT81 as a freelancer and can eventually get a full-time contract depending on the city and suitability.
Do I need to have a licence to become a BEAT81 coach?
No, you don't need to have a licence in order to work with us. If you have one, that is considered a plus.
What are the requirements to become a BEAT81 coach?
You should be motivated to work with us! In addition, you should either have experience in fitness coaching or have a fitness background and the will to take the effort to become a coach.
Which languages does BEAT81 operate in?
This depends on the city you want to work in. Currently, we operate in English and German. Please contact for more information.
How much can I earn as a BEAT81 coach?
Between 35€ and 70€ per session.
How are the steps until I'm a BEAT81 coach?
In order to become a BEAT81 coach you're going through the following steps
1. Application
2. Tryout
3. Onboarding
4. Premiere
5. First Session

Please note: Our city teams are evaluating every stage with a final decision after your successful Premiere.
What is a tryout?
A tryout is a 90-minute meeting with the BEAT81 city team. Coaches who are interested in working with us have the chance to get to know us and we have the chance to get to know you.
What do I need to do at the tryout?
At the tryout the candidates are coaching a short workout circuit (4 strength and 1 cardio exercise) and they're also participating while the other coaches are presenting their workout. It's about getting to know you and your coaching style. And for sure - having a lot of fun!
How can I best prepare for the tryout?
1. By signing up you're getting access to our online preparation modules for the tryout. They will take approx. 25 minutes.
2. Book a free BEAT81 workout with us in order to get the best impression on what we're doing and how we're doing it (
3. Reach out to our recruiting team ( for any questions you might have. We're there for you!
How can I book a tryout?
After having passed the first tryout preparation modules you will have access to our scheduling calendar to book a convenient slot.
What are you evaluating at the tryout?
At the tryout we're evaluating
- Hospitality: Your interaction and communication with the other candidates; espacially during your presentation as a coach.
- Energy: Your enthusiasm and energy you're bringing to the group; especially the atmosphere during your presentation.
- Coaching Style: The preparation and demonstration of your exercises and your interventions to correct and motivate others while you´re coaching.
Do I get paid for the tryout or do I need to pay anything?
No, you're not getting paid and you don't need to pay anything. It's the chance for you to join our BEAT81 familiy and for us to welcome you with us.
What is happening in the onboarding?
During the onboarding we will give you all the information you need to know about BEAT81 and evaluate your progress after the Tryout. We will introduce:
- BEAT81 philosophy & values
- BEAT81 workout formats & set up
- Generalities of the BEAT81 hardware (workout app, music, indoor/bike handling etc.)
How is the onboarding procedure?
In the onboarding process you would be provided with 90 minutes of online education modules as well as an in-person workshop of about 4 hours.
How long does the onboarding take?
In total 5,5h.
What is a premiere?
In the premiere you'll have your first session with real BEAT81 customers. You will run the class from the beginning to the end with a Coach Supervisor supporting you.
By clicking “Accept”, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. View our Privacy Policy for more information.