ūüá¨ūüáß SC-23

Wednesday, September 30, 12:30 PM

Potsdamer Platz (Indoor)

Coached by Angus

ūüá¨ūüáß SC-23 @ Potsdamer Platz (Indoor)

Wednesday, September 3012:30 PM
Potsdamer Platz (Indoor)


When it comes to working out, SC-23 will really test your power. Combining strength and cardio exercises in quick succession, you’ll burn fat, build lean muscle and leave with a smile. There are four stations to conquer; each involving high-speed cardio and slower strength exercises. The challenge is to keep up with both the pace and power for each of the 23 second bursts. In this workout you train on the spot using resistance bands to enhance your workout. There is no shareable equipment or a circuit to follow. All other hygiene rules apply. HYGIENE UPDATES: Following our extensive hygiene protocol, there are no partner exercises and we kindly ask you to disinfect your hands before and after the workout. All material is provided. Our coaches are happy to help you and can give you more information before the class. Our rules for each workout: - Mandatory mask before and after the workout (indoor & outdoor) - A minimum distance of 2m between each person - No physical contact at all - A towel is mandatory - Extensive coach hygiene protocol

About Your Coach, Angus

Angus has been working as a personal trainer/fitness instructor in Australia for the past 4 years. He also holds a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Canberra. Having both these experiences in very different learning environments, he posesses the tools to work with clients at all stages of their fitness journey, whether they are just starting or are a seasoned athlete.


Potsdamer Platz (Indoor)

1. Ring the bell at Vossstra√üe 33, then select ‚ÄúBEAT81‚ÄĚ and the door will be opened (if not you can call this number 0160 3441527) 2. Cross the entrance hall and go through the glass door to the backyard 3. On your right you will see the staircase - you find us on the first floor :) 4. Check-in if you come via USC (QR code on the counter next to the elevator) 5. Changing rooms are installed 6. No toilets in the gym, but there is one in the basement 7. No showers, working on it! Please also bring a towel and an extra pair of sports shoes to keep the training ground as clean as possible.

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