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Ana is the BEAT81 Head Coach for Barcelona. She is a certified personal trainer with over 18 years experience teaching group exercises classes and individual sessions. She is also a registered holistic nutritionist and certified life coach, who offers a holistic approach to fitness & wellness. Her mission is to support people in fueling their body and their life. She loves red wine, dark chocolate and kale! - y sí, habla castellano e inglés :)

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Fede has a degree in Sports Science, as well as qualifications in personal training and sports nutrition. Habla Castellano, Italiano, y Ingles - so he'll push you hard in any language!

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Juan is a focused and attentive coach - he'll work you hard with a smile! Y si, habla castellano y ingles :-)

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Luz is an experienced trainer with a great personality who will energise you and make sure you earn your Beatpoints - y si, habla castellano y ingles!

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