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Alejandro has a masters in functional training, and will energise you to leave you feeling great after your workout! Y si... habla castellano y ingles :-)

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Fede has a degree in Sports Science, as well as qualifications in personal training and sports nutrition. Habla Castellano, Italiano, y Ingles - so he'll push you hard in any language!

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Juan is a focused and attentive coach - he'll work you hard with a smile! Y si, habla castellano y ingles :-)

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Luz is an experienced trainer with a great personality who will energise you and make sure you earn your Beatpoints - y si, habla castellano y ingles!

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Ryan has been a qualified personal trainer since 2011 and hasn't ever looked back. Coming from one of London's award winning fitness studios, to the sunny shores of Barcelona. He brings with him his knowledge in strength and conditioning, kettle bells, fat loss and boxing. He's trained clients for photo shoots, sporting events and all round happy healthy lifestyles. As an avid martial artist himself and currently a black belt in kickboxing, he will be sure to motivate you to push yourself beyond what you thought possible on your own.

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Wil is a great trainer who transmits a fun vibe at all his workouts - but you'll still work hard! Y si... habla castellano y ingles!

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