HIIT 7/4

Saturday, December 8 at 9:30 AM

Fitnesscenter AtB (Indoor)

Coached by Kamil

HIIT 7/4 @ Fitnesscenter AtB (Indoor)

Saturday, December 89:30 AM
Fitnesscenter AtB (Indoor)


This is our signature 45-minute, full body HIIT workout! It’s the complete workout, filled with 7 different cardio and strength-focused exercises, designed to push you to burn hundreds of calories and build lean, strong muscle. It’s a real high-energy session, but you’ll fly through the four tough rounds before you know it! No matter your fitness level, if you're looking for an exciting, challenging and fun group fitness experience, our original Beat HIIT workout is for you. And of course, you’ll sweat, earn BeatPoints and feel great afterwards! Format: 7 stations x 4 rounds Focus: All body

About Your Coach, Kamil

Kamil is a studied sport scientist, Personal Trainer and Mixed Martial Artist (Kickboxing/MMA) who loves challenges and always pushes his clients to reach their goals not forgetting to train healthy in order to make your body resilient in a long term for clients needs. His focus and passion is Strenght and Condition Training and Fighting Sports! His classes are a great experience for everyone who loves challenges and want to get in good and healthy shape!


Fitnesscenter AtB (Indoor)

We train at the AtB gym. On the street, enter the gateway. On the right side there is a door with a sign „AtB Fitnesscenter“. IMPORTANT: On Thursday, we train in the second floor in the „Yoga room“. Go up the stairs and enter the second room. The room is on the right side. On Saturday, we train in the „boxing room“ which is located on the first floor. Enter the gym on the first floor and turn to the left, cross the room with the fitness equipment, go down a few stairs and turn to the left to enter the „boxing room“. At the first floor is the reception. Here are also changing rooms.