HIIT 7/4

Monday, April 6, 6:15 AM

Mitte (Brunnenstr. 10)

Coached by TBD

HIIT 7/4 @ Mitte (Brunnenstr. 10)

Monday, April 66:15 AM
Mitte (Brunnenstr. 10)


IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: After discussion with doctors we will conduct our outdoor workouts in a new format: - We changed the 7/4 to a new format that has no interactions with coach and other customers. Our coaches will explain you the new format during the workout. Furthermore. - Maximum 8 participants per outdoor workout - There is a minimum 3-meter distance between participants - We don't use any shareable equipment or heart rate sensors - Please don't come by public transport - No socializing before / during or after the workout. Also not on the way to or from the training location! - Wash your hand pre and after the workout - Stay home if you feel sick

About Your Coach, TBD

Our regular coach is not available for the session. We are working hard to find a replacement.


Mitte (Brunnenstr. 10)

Enter the gateway and walk into the second yard. Walk down the stairs straight and enter the training ground. Our Indoor Gym in Mitte offers changing rooms (one unisex, one female), 3 showers and toilets. Please bring a towel and shower gel and keep in mind that the training area is not being heated. Please also bring an extra pair of sports shoes to keep the training ground as clean as possible.

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