Thursday, September 19, 6:00 PM

Chauseestraße | Südpanke

Coached by Nikolai

SC-23 @ Chauseestraße | Südpanke

Thursday, September 196:00 PM
Chauseestraße | Südpanke


Our SC-23 workouts are super-effective HIIT sessions combining strength and cardio exercises in quick succession to really test and build your power. There are four stations to conquer; each station involves a high-speed cardio exercise with a powerful strength exercise. The workout sets you a real challenge to keep up with both the pace and power requirements - and each round just gets tougher, pushing you to your limits! And of course, you’ll sweat, earn GritPoints and feel great afterward! Format: 4 stations x 3 rounds

About Your Coach, Nikolai

I love giving people a challenge and motivating them to push beyond what they thought was possible, giving them the feeling that they're invincible!


Chauseestraße | Südpanke

A small park directly located at the river Südpanke. It is located at the corner of Chauseestraße and Liesenstraße. You can easily reach it via the U-Bahn station Reinickendorfer Straße.

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