ūüá¨ūüáß RUN & HIIT

Monday, August 3, 6:30 PM

Hasenheide (Meeting Point)

Coached by Tim

ūüá¨ūüáß RUN & HIIT @ Hasenheide (Meeting Point)

Monday, August 36:30 PM
Hasenheide (Meeting Point)


RUN & HIIT is a combination of running, HIIT & Strength exercises. We will not train at a fixed location. Instead, we meet at the meeting point. From there, your coach will run with you through the park and will integrate different strength and cardio exercises into the workout program. IMPORTANT: Please be on time! The group leaves the meeting point when the workout begins!

About Your Coach, Tim

Tim is a coach who loves to train groups of different people in the open air to make them fitter and at the same time to teach them how to enjoy sports. His 15-year journey in the Badminton national team helps him to incorporate new and many diverse exercises into his training sessions.


Hasenheide (Meeting Point)

THIS IS A MEETING POINT. MAKE SURE TO BE ON TIME! We meet at the BEAT81 bike in front of the entry to the SOMMERBAD NEUK√ĖLLN. We will hand out sensors there. When the training starts we will run together to the training location. As the workout is a mixture of running and exercises, please bring as little things to the workout as possible. You can store a small bag and/or things like keys and phones in our cargo-bike. Please note that we cannot take any liability for theft! Ideally you bring as little things as possible to the workout. And again: make sure to be on time as the group will leave the bike when the training starts and we cannot make any exceptions.

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