Mum & Baby Fitness

Wednesday, January 15, 2:30 PM

Mitte (Brunnenstr. 10)

Coached by Jess

Mum & Baby Fitness @ Mitte (Brunnenstr. 10)

Wednesday, January 152:30 PM
Mitte (Brunnenstr. 10)


Whether you are new to fitness or looking to get back into training after having a baby, this class is focused on movement and building strength whilst having fun. The class is based on circuit training, with a focus to building strong foundations like lower back & pelvic floor muscles, to help with everyday life when being a mum. Attending classes is easier as your baby will be next to you whilst you work out, so no need for a babysitter. Suitable for babies and kids from 0-1 years.

About Your Coach, Jess

Motivation is what got you started, habit is what keeps you going - As a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor from London, Jess knows how to help her clients push beyond their perceived limit. Through a lot of sweat and smiles, Jess will help you reach your goals and leave you feeling great at the end of her sessions.


Mitte (Brunnenstr. 10)

Enter the gateway and walk into the second yard. Walk down the stairs straight and enter the training ground. Our Indoor Gym in Mitte offers changing rooms (one unisex, one female), 3 showers and toilets. Please bring a towel and shower gel and keep in mind that the training area is not being heated. Please also bring an extra pair of sports shoes to keep the training ground as clean as possible.

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