Tuesday, September 17, 6:00 PM

Chauseestraße | Südpanke

Coached by Julia-Sarah

SC-23 @ Chauseestraße | Südpanke

Tuesday, September 176:00 PM
Chauseestraße | Südpanke


Our SC-23 workouts are super-effective HIIT sessions combining strength and cardio exercises in quick succession to really test and build your power. There are four stations to conquer; each station involves a high-speed cardio exercise with a powerful strength exercise. The workout sets you a real challenge to keep up with both the pace and power requirements - and each round just gets tougher, pushing you to your limits! And of course, you’ll sweat, earn GritPoints and feel great afterward! Format: 4 stations x 3 rounds

About Your Coach, Julia-Sarah

Julia holds licenses as a fitness and functional trainer and nutrition coach. With a background in functional training, running and yoga she provides varied and challenging fun workouts which will make you stronger physically and mentally. With an eye on correct techniques she ensures that you get the most out of your workout. Having 10 years experience as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer she knows to motivate and to push you to your limits - and beyond. Believing that you should do what you love, Julia makes workouts become a Want-to-Do instead of a Have-To-Do.


Chauseestraße | Südpanke

A small park directly located at the river Südpanke. It is located at the corner of Chauseestraße and Liesenstraße. You can easily reach it via the U-Bahn station Reinickendorfer Straße.

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