Thursday, September 19, 6:30 PM

Weichselplatz [Neukölln]

Coached by Mary Beth

Yoga-HIIT @ Weichselplatz [Neukölln]

Thursday, September 196:30 PM
Weichselplatz [Neukölln]


HIIT meets Yoga! In this holistic training format, a perfectly balanced combination of bodyweight, mobility and cardio training awaits you. Altogether you train 2 rounds with 4 stations, consisting of 2 exercises each. Each station offers you an intense cardio exercise and a bodyweight strength exercise. These exercises are inspired by classical yoga asanas, which improve your mobility and movement sequences and train your core muscles. The perfect workout for a strong core, more flexibility and better body awareness. The session is rounded off with stretching and a short breathing exercise for more focus, concentration and relaxation. Format: 2 rounds, 4 stations, 8 exercises

About Your Coach, Mary Beth

I love helping people meet their fitness goals and drive them to new levels. My training allows me to mix playful movement with sweaty discipline.


Weichselplatz [Neukölln]

You can reach the location by taking the Bus 194. The location is in the park between Weichselplatz and Weichselstraße. Enter the park and you'll see our cargo bike and workout station adjacent to Weichselplatz.

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