Thursday, September 12, 7:00 AM


Coached by AJ

SC-23 @ Mauerpark/Falkplatz

Thursday, September 127:00 AM


Our SC-23 workouts are super-effective HIIT sessions combining strength and cardio exercises in quick succession to really test and build your power. There are four stations to conquer; each station involves a high-speed cardio exercise with a powerful strength exercise. The workout sets you a real challenge to keep up with both the pace and power requirements - and each round just gets tougher, pushing you to your limits! And of course, you’ll sweat, earn GritPoints and feel great afterward! Format: 4 stations x 3 rounds

About Your Coach, AJ

With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, personal trainer and Ride coach AJ is passionate about people and electronic music and promises to make you smile whilst making you sweat.



Our workouts take place in Falkplatz, which is a small park located at the northern end of Mauerpark

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