Wednesday, September 11, 7:00 PM

Danziger Straße/Winsstraße

Coached by Pawel

Legs|Butt|Shoulders @ Danziger Straße/Winsstraße

Wednesday, September 117:00 PM
Danziger Straße/Winsstraße


What makes our TripleBurn sessions special? You'll conquer 3 zones packed with cardio and body-specific exercises in one, killer 45-minute session. Sweat, earn GritPoints and target the body parts you want to work on most. Target Zone 1: Legs & Butt Target Zone 2: Shoulders & Arms The GritZone: Get your heart pumping! A combo of 3 of our most effective cardio exercises will have you burning calories and body fat.

About Your Coach, Pawel

Pawel has been teaching group fitness courses for years and is an expert on the field of fitness and sports.


Danziger Straße/Winsstraße

The park at Diesterwegstraße is located in the centre of Prenzlauer Berg right next to Danziger Straße. The park can be reached via the tram stop "Winsstrasse".

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