BOOTCAMP Online Workout

Sunday, November 22, 10:00 AM


Coached by Stefan

BOOTCAMP Online Workout @ Home

Sunday, November 2210:00 AM


Join us on this Equipment-Free, Full-Body Boot Camp Workout Anywhere! This program strings together circuits of intense exercises, pausing for only a few seconds between exercises. The objective of the Boot Camp is the development of all the physical capacities, weight loss and toning, and it achieves this with very short pauses that allow the maintenance of a high heart rate, accelerating the metabolism. One of its premises is "to achieve results in a short period of time".

About Your Coach, Stefan

Are you READY? Stefan, a former special forces soldier with whom you take your training to the next level! With his workouts you build muscles with quality. Become mentally stronger and gain self-confidence. And don't worry, tough training but warm and kind dealing with people. Stefan is super nice, funny and sensitive, he always finds the right way to connect with people!


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