Wednesday, June 12, 7:30 PM

Mitte (Brunnenstr. 10)

Coached by Marija

HIIT INTRODUCTION @ Mitte (Brunnenstr. 10)

Wednesday, June 127:30 PM
Mitte (Brunnenstr. 10)


Our Introduction to HIIT class is perfect for anyone who is new to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or hasn't done much cardio or functional training in the past. In combination with a modified version of our popular HIIT 7/4 workout, we’ll spend time practicing techniques for key exercises such squats and pushups. Each week will focus on a different movement pattern, helping you to quickly master a range of common workout exercises. Starting a new fitness routine doesn’t have to be stressful. Our coaches will walk you through each step to guarantee you move efficiently, build confidence and have fun working out. Week 1 - Squats Week 2 - Deadlifts Week 3 - Overhead Press Week 4 - Kettlebell Swings Format: New exercise introduction and technique work followed by: 7 stations x 3 rounds

About Your Coach, Marija

Certified Fitness Trainer from Fitness Academy Zagreb. Great enthusiast for fitness and healthy lifestyle. Always smiling, positive, full of energy, ready to motivate you and push you beyond your limits.


Mitte (Brunnenstr. 10)

Enter the gateway and walk into the second yard. Walk down the stairs straight and enter the training ground. Our Indoor Gym in Mitte offers changing rooms (one unisex, one female), 3 showers and toilets. Please bring a towel and shower gel and keep in mind that the training area is not being heated. Please also bring an extra pair of sports shoes to keep the training ground as clean as possible.

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