ūüá¨ūüáß HIIT 7/4

Monday, February 17, 7:00 AM

Gleisdreieckpark @ Trybe Dance Studio

Coached by Emanuele

ūüá¨ūüáß HIIT 7/4 @ Gleisdreieckpark @ Trybe Dance Studio

Monday, February 177:00 AM
Gleisdreieckpark @ Trybe Dance Studio


HIIT 7/4 is our signature full body workout. You’ll burn fat, tone your body and leave feeling high on endorphins. Get ready for 7 different cardio and strength-focused exercises designed to push you to your limits. With 4 challenging, but quick fire rounds, it’s a real high-energy session. In this workout you train on the spot using resistance bands to enhance your workout. There is no shareable equipment or a circuit to follow. All other hygiene rules apply. HYGIENE UPDATES: Following our extensive hygiene protocol, there are no partner exercises and we kindly ask you to disinfect your hands before and after the workout. All material is provided. Our coaches are happy to help you and can give you more information before the class. Our rules for each workout: - A minimum distance of 2m between each person - No physical contact at all - A towel is mandatory - Extensive coach hygiene protocol

About Your Coach, Emanuele

I love movement, and I see it as celebration of Life. It feels great to help out people to do something good and meaningful to change like trying to get fit, reach their physical goals and gain longevity.


Gleisdreieckpark @ Trybe Dance Studio

Our new indoor location Trybe Dance Studio is a large and bright studio with parquet floor, mirrored walls and an amazing sound system. It is located directly next to Gleisdreieckpark in Berlin Kreuzberg and can be easily reached via the U-Bahn station Kurf√ľrstenstra√üe or Gleisdreieck. The entrance is located in the backyard of the building.

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