­čçČ­čçž HIIT 7/4

Wednesday, January 15, 7:00 AM

Jannowitzbr├╝cke Indoor @Celebrity Dance School


­čçČ­čçž HIIT 7/4 @ Jannowitzbr├╝cke Indoor @Celebrity Dance School

Wednesday, January 157:00 AM
Jannowitzbr├╝cke Indoor @Celebrity Dance School


HIIT 7/4 is our signature full body workout. YouÔÇÖll burn fat, tone your body and leave feeling high on endorphins. Get ready for 7 different cardio and strength-focused exercises designed to push you to your limits. With 4 challenging, but quick fire rounds, itÔÇÖs a real high-energy session. In this workout you train on the spot using resistance bands to enhance your workout. There is no shareable equipment or a circuit to follow. All other hygiene rules apply. HYGIENE UPDATES: Following our extensive hygiene protocol, there are no partner exercises and we kindly ask you to disinfect your hands before and after the workout. All material is provided. Our coaches are happy to help you and can give you more information before the class. Our rules for each workout: - A minimum distance of 2m between each person - No physical contact at all - A towel is mandatory - Extensive coach hygiene protocol


Certified functional training specialist with a Master degree in Sport Science and five years of experience in working with professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Person who is fully committed to fitness, full of energy, optimism and ready to challenge you until you reach your goal.


Jannowitzbr├╝cke Indoor @Celebrity Dance School

You can take the U8 or S3, S7, S9, S5 or Bus to Jannowitzbr├╝cke. Then walk on Holzmarktstra├če and the Dance School is on the right side. Just cross the parking lot and enter the building- The trainings room is on the first floor. Showers, changing rooms & toilets are provided.