­čçČ­čçž RUN & HIIT

Monday, September 21, 5:30 PM

Chauseestra├če (Meeting Point)

Coached by Julia-Sarah

­čçČ­čçž RUN & HIIT @ Chauseestra├če (Meeting Point)

Monday, September 215:30 PM
Chauseestra├če (Meeting Point)


RUN & HIIT is a combination of running, HIIT & Strength exercises. We will not train at a fixed location. Instead, we meet at the meeting point. From there, your coach will run with you through the park and will integrate different strength and cardio exercises into the workout program. IMPORTANT: Please be on time! The group leaves the meeting point when the workout begins!

About Your Coach, Julia-Sarah

Julia holds licenses as a fitness and functional trainer and nutrition coach. With a background in functional training, running and yoga she provides varied and challenging fun workouts which will make you stronger physically and mentally. With an eye on correct techniques she ensures that you get the most out of your workout. Having 10 years experience as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer she knows to motivate and to push you to your limits - and beyond. Believing that you should do what you love, Julia makes workouts become a Want-to-Do instead of a Have-To-Do.


Chauseestra├če (Meeting Point)

THIS IS A MEETING POINT. MAKE SURE TO BE THERE AT LEAST 8 MIN BEFORE WORKOUT START. Your training equipment is handed out to you at the meeting point. The training starts with a 5min run to the actual training location. As the workout is a mixture of running and exercises, please bring as little things to the workout as possible. You can store a small bag in our cargo-bike. The coach carries a backpack where you can store smaller items such as keys or mobile phones.Please note that we cannot take any liability for things stored in the bike or handed over to the coach. Therefore, you Ideally bring as little things as possible to the workout. Final reminder: make sure to be at the meeting point at least 8 min before the workout starts to not miss the group and the workout.

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