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Adam has spent years working as both a Group & Personal Trainer and uses his personality & passion to help drive each class he instructs. He places an emphasis on really getting to know each member and is a stickler for correct technique!

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Andreas has been an integral force of the fitness community in Berlin for the last 15 years. His over-the-top enthusiasm pushes his students past their boundaries and encourages them to embrace their personal best.

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Anna is a Certified Fitness Trainer from AASFP Beijing. Her fitness journey varies from weight training to yoga, pilates to HIIT and dancing. She loves to incorporate those elements into her workouts. She will always make you go an extra mile to get that burn. She believes you can go beyond what your mind tells you and develop this quality through the exercise. Come as you are and let the gains begin!

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Carl has been training martial arts for more than 8 years. He knows how to push physical and mental boundaries and will help you to do so as-well. Expect a challenging but also empowering and fun training session!

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As a professionally educated sports teacher, I love introducing people to the awesome benefits of sports and fitness, so they become happier and healthier. My background is in football and basketball, which I still play today. I push people to achieve goals they‘ve set, and discover new goals as they make fitness part of their daily lives.

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Motivation is what got you started, habit is what keeps you going - As a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor from London, Jess knows how to help her clients push beyond their perceived limit. Through a lot of sweat and smiles, Jess will help you reach your goals and leave you feeling great at the end of her sessions.

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Julia holds licenses as a fitness and functional trainer and nutrition coach. With a background in functional training, running and yoga she provides varied and challenging fun workouts which will make you stronger physically and mentally. With an eye on correct techniques she ensures that you get the most out of your workout. Having 10 years experience as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer she knows to motivate and to push you to your limits - and beyond. Believing that you should do what you love, Julia makes workouts become a Want-to-Do instead of a Have-To-Do.

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Justine is a certified group fitness instructor and a passionate athlete. She has been a Cheerleader for 7 years and will motivate you with her positive energy. Justine will push you to challenge yourself and to go over your own limits. Her mission is to help you to become the best version of Yourself - physically and mentally !

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Kamil is a studied sport scientist, Personal Trainer and Mixed Martial Artist (Kickboxing/MMA) who loves challenges and always pushes his clients to reach their goals not forgetting to train healthy in order to make your body resilient in a long term for clients needs. His focus and passion is Strenght and Condition Training and Fighting Sports! His classes are a great experience for everyone who loves challenges and want to get in good and healthy shape!

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Maciej has been practicing aerial acrobatics, stretching and fitness for many years. He is a certified Personal Trainer and PFS stretching instructor with many years of experience in group and individual training. Maciej will always adapt to your personal needs and goals and make sure that you get out the most of your training!

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Samuele is a Qualified Personal Trainer and a passionate advocate for helping others reach optimal health and wellness. Involved in the world of competitive sports, he qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2015 and since then he collected many international collaborations. His approach to sports has always been interdisciplinary, implementing both Functional and Bodyweight workouts to Strength Training and Body Building.

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Tim ist ein immer gut gelaunter Trainer und liebt es, Gruppen von unterschiedlichsten Leuten im Freien zu quälen, fitter zu machen und dabei Spaß am Sport zu vermitteln. Seine 15-jährige Mitgliedschaft in der Badminton Nationalmannschaft hilft ihm dabei immer neue und abwechslungsreiche Übungen mit einzubauen.

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